Old Phone Ringtones


Make your smartphone sound like a classic telephone with this app


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Everybody loves a good throwback and getting a little taste of nostalgia, right? Well what's more nostalgic than hearing your phone ring as if it were a classic old-school telephone?

Old Phone Ringtones is an essential app for anyone who wants to go back in time. If you're one to smile when you hear the sound of an old telephone, bringing back happy memories of times gone by, or if you're simply one of us believers in classic 'ring-ring' alerts, this is the right app for all your phone calls.

Choose from more than 10 different ringtones and set them to sound when you get a call or even as your alarm directly from the app's menu. Make your parents or grandparents happy by adapting new technology to sounds they're already used to, and make their lives a little bit easier with Old Phone Ringtones.

Requires Android 3.2 or higher